Speaking and Training

Please find below sample keynotes and workshops Ken has delivered to a variety of audiences.  Content is continuously developed based upon needs of the client, audience, and event.  Please feel free to get in contact with Ken if you have any questions or inquiries about the work below.

Keynotes (sample listing)

Techquity: Creating Learning Environments For Sustainability, Equity, and Access

Learn how to address one of the biggest challenges educators face today -- providing students with equitable learning opportunities. The primary purpose of this keynote is to provide a detailed analysis into why we must ensure our students are provided a diverse and equitable educational experience. Further expanding on the primary purpose will be a look at how technology serves as both a needed and critical component to that end. Also, we will look at how to incorporate a culturally relevant and culturally responsive pedagogy to any content area.

Generation NOW: Contemporary Teaching and Learning

We have a startling level of accessibility to information and resources. Today’s learner is not only conditioned for immediate feedback, in many cases the desire for immediate results is expected. Adding to all of this is the competition for attention, The Attention Economy. As a result, one of the more significant challenges we face is to appropriately engage and connect with today’s learner. When it comes to technology and digital resources, many of these forms of engagement can occur at varying lengths of time from seconds to semesters. Whether it be teaching, learning, or creating, we have a plethora of resources available, literally at our fingertips. During this interactive keynote we will explore ways in which these resources can foster increasing degrees of engagement from a teaching, learning, and creating perspective.

iInspiration, iMotivation, and Technology

Technology in its current state provides us with immediate access to information as well publication of our own original works. This poses both a challenge and a solution in Education. This session will take a closer look at how we can leverage our use of technology to facilitate higher levels of Intrinsic Inspiration and Motivation in both teaching and learning. The keynote will include interactivity with the audience, so all participants will be able to develop, identify, and share effective strategies to increase Inspiration and Motivation in teaching and learning through the use of technology.

Design Matters

In today’s age, the terms learning and classroom (learning space) have taken on a myriad of different and newer meanings. Both regularly occur and are associated with physical and digital environments. Often times the design of these environments can be a determining factor in the desired outcomes. In both cases, the designs of each can not only influence the learner, but also the breadth and quality of their learning experience. It is this experience that can mean the difference between successful engagement in learning and disengagement. During this keynote we will examine ways in which we can leverage the designs of physical and digital space to create a unique learner experience as well as strategies for effective design of learning environments. Because, Design Matters.

Transformational Teaching and Learning with Technology

In our quest to provide students with rich learning environments, we often strive to find creative ways to further engage our students. In some cases, this may involve the use of technology to a variety of degrees. Since technology has a ubiquitous influence in the everyday lives of our students, one of our biggest challenges is to identify ways in which we can leverage it for increased student learning. This keynote will examine a variety of methodologies and strategies for effectively implementing and integrating technology into the curriculum. We will also look at ways in we can leverage the use of technology to increase student engagement as well as foster environments for equity.

Going from i(llness) to we(llness): A Teachers mis(Adventures) in Marginalization

Each morning teachers arrive to their respective schools and classrooms with a daily dose of excitement and energy in looking forward to the day ahead. Lesson plans are ready, ideas are coming to fruition, failures are part of the learning process, and personal interactions are many times the highlights of the day. But, what happens when the reality for some is the exact opposite? What happens when each morning is a series of obstacles from something as little as taking a deep breath to managing anxiety or worse dreading each and every day? What happens when the catalyst for this is the constant barrage of micro-aggressions, discrediting, and marginalization? What happens when we suffer in silence through a career of this? This talk will take you through the importance of understanding bias, organizational culture, and how we must ensure our environments are supportive and nurturing for the adults just as much as they need to be for the students.

Information Literacy: Finding what you need, needing what you find

We have an unprecedented level of accessibility to information. In many cases our access to information can occur across a myriad of technological devices including  a computer, a tablet device, and a smartphone. Given the mass quantities of information available, it is vital for us to develop strategies for not only finding what we need, but also being able to effectively filter out what we don’t need. 3 out of 4 students, and 3.5 out of 4 teachers, are not as effective at searching for and finding truly meaningful and useful information as they could be. This session will focus on identifying appropriate strategies for Information Literacy and why these skill sets are critical for our students and ourselves. In addition, we will identify appropriate methodologies for applying critical thinking skills to evaluate content.

The Art of Iteration: Embracing Failure for Learning

When was the last time you made a mistake? Was it identified as a true mistake, a learning opportunity, or was it magnified into a failure? Our daily lives are filled with experiences that at some point are considered mistakes and failures. Many times, our perspectives on what we identify as failure can determine how successful we can be in the goals we set, as well as our endeavors. Join Ken as he examines a myriad of historical "failures," identifies the thought processes experienced in these instances, and shares how to embrace these opportunities for learning. Explore an alternate perspective on the whole concept of failure and how it can serve as a personal and systemic growth mechanism for our students and ourselves.

The Power of Voice in the Digital Age

When technology is used effectively and responsibly we have the ability to share many things, including our thoughts, ideas, and learning in a variety of ways. In some cases, these thoughts can drive change from how we learn to even greater change within our social and political systems. We also need to have a strong understanding of what being a Digital Citizen truly means. The key is to leverage the use of our "voice" as a catalyst for representing and presenting our thinking. This keynote will take a close look at how technology can and is being used as a conduit for our voice.

Looking at the Past, to Explore ways we can make our Present, Future Ready

In order to ensure our students are provided valuable and meaningful learning experiences that will be useful in their generation we must look at the environments in which they learn. This includes, providing environments and mechanisms towards problem analysis and solution identification. It means the skills to do all the following are critical: identifying, examining, and executing meaningful solutions to a myriad of realistic challenges. It also means being adaptable to the unknown. This means that skill sets are not the ideal focus for learning. The focus should be more on fostering the right mindset, since mindsets transcend skill sets, which in many cases can become obselete. It also means seeking innovative ways to do simple and complex things along with having the mindset that embracing failure is a critical component to growth and learning. This keynote will take a closer look at the importance of the mindset and a metaphorical analysis of what I call the 3 E's.

Why Technology Matters

When we use the word technology it often conjures up a specific idea and mindset in us. In some cases, it provides us with a degree of excitement and in other cases a degree of intimidation. During this keynote we will take a closer look at how technology is being used by us, by our students, and in general. We'll share our collective knowledge to develop meaningful ways technology can be used for Educationally meaningful purposes. We will determine, together, "Why Technology Matters"

Sample Workshop Titles

All workshops are designed to be a hands-on learning experience

  • Visual Storytelling, Digital Storytelling, and Cinematic Narrative
  • Designing A Culturally Relevant and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
  • Equity and Inclusion: You Are The Binder
  • Curriculum, Race, and Culture: Conversations on what we teach and how we learn
  • Making Multimedia Meaningful- Stories That Matter
  • Race, Culture, and Identity: Dismantling our biases that affect student achievement
  • Effective Communication in a Visual World
  • Google Apps for Teachers
  • Google Apps for Students
  • Google Apps for Leaders
  • Creativity and Expression with the iPad
  • Video Production and Cinematic Narrative: Creating moving pictures that tell meaningful stories
  • Visual Storytelling, Creativity, and Design
  • Designing Visual Thinking and Learning- Design
  • Designing Visual Thinking and Learning- Visual Literacy
  • Designing Visual Thinking and Learning- Presentation Design


Ken provides consulting services and support including the following areas, for Businesses, Schools, and School Districts

  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Change
  • Professional Learning Design
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Recruiting
  • College/Career Readiness
  • App Development
  • Social Media (Marketing and Implementation)